Greenpeace | Commercial

Director Martin Stirling (who I’ve collaborated with on numerous projects) came to me with an idea for a short film he was working on for Greenpeace. Martin makes beautiful films (including Myron & Hester on my audio/video page) and this one was no exception. It was a campaign to get Lego thinking about their relationship with Shell – who had been selling Lego playsets of arctic oil drilling platforms and oil tankers aimed at children.

Produced by agency Don’t Panic, the film went viral quickly amassing nearly 6 million hits, attaining “ad of day” for Campaign and featured in the Creative Review.

I produced and arranged the music in my studio – with myself on piano and Sophie Blackburn on vocals. A remix of the track “Everything is Awesome” written for the Lego Movie originally performed by Tegan and Sarah.

The commercial was so successful that Lego subsequently released a press statement saying that it wouldn’t be renewing its partnership with Lego (read more in the Guardian article here). So, job done.


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