Dr Feelgood: A Musical Work in Progress

I’ve been working with long time collaborator and friend Sam Yates (director) and David Watson (writer) on a new musical project we’ve been cooking for a while… (we previously all collaborated on award winning film The Hope Rooms with Andrew Scott and Ciaran Hinds last year).

A public sharing with the results of a workshop were shared at The Other Palace Theatre in Victoria in June (recently taken over by Andrew Lloyd Webber to develop and showcase new musicals). If you are interested in hearing any snippets get in touch otherwise we’ll be keeping it under our hats until we find an excuse to give it another outing!

And here’s what the theatre says about the story…

Dr Feelgood
When the wife of an ambitious young doctor dies at the hands of the medical system he reveres, he sets himself along a vigilante -like path, using unorthodox, unethical medical practice to propel him towards the top of American society, but ends up disgraced, as nothing more than a high-class drug dealer.

Book and Lyrics: David Watson
Music and Lyrics: Alex Baranowski
Director: Sam Yates

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